Hello! My name is Jesús,

For me, photography, video, and other artistic disciplines are the means to express my particular vision of things, focused on small details, trying to find in something ordinary what makes it special and tell a story. That's why I dedicate myself to them, simultaneously satiating my intellectual curiosity in the audiovisual field, and my ongoing passion for challenging myself to improve and explore new ways of expressing myself.

Furthermore, through this activity, I've been able to connect with wonderful people who have allowed me into their space, to portray them, capturing moments that light up with happiness when they see the results. A sensation that I adore. A privilege to feel, which is so hard to come by nowadays.

So, if you have any proposals in mind that you'd like to convey through a visual medium, I would love to be a part of that idea, to work with passion and dedication to achieve the best outcome.